With the music industry is currently going bigger, and more close to each other definitely its also helping the music channel to make a comeback on TV as well. Yo ! MTV Rap is one of the greatest show that showcasing hip hop music to the community, having the hosts such as Dr. Dre, ang T Money, the show was a great success but they ended in August 17, 1995. MTV Asia recently having Jessie from South Korea as part of their host, you can spot a lot of talented rappers coming from Asia, you can even spotted the SMTM participant G2.


As in 2018 rumour has it that Yo ! MTV Rap is coming back as with Massive 30th Anniversary Concert Featuring Eric B. and Rakim, Big Daddy Kane. And I think its pretty exciting because I grew up in the whole different generations. The UK version is equally exciting as the other versions, one of the host is Poet, if you’re a football fan you guys definitely should check out about Copa90.

And as you guys may know the grime industry in UK is also growing bigger, and they have nice list of collaborations with other international artists like Drake, and Linkin Park to name a few. Anyhow I’m definitely looking forward to the show, and see you guys anytime soon on the other post.

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  1. AT KPOP NOW says:

    That looks dope ASF! Now if they only could get the mumble rappers a one way ticket to mars 😛


    1. Hahaha that’s so lol for the record 😂


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