Cheryl K and Awkwafina

Cheryl K and Awkwafina

So I came back from Crazy Rich Asian movie with my friends, at certain point of the story I could relate on the male’s character portrayed by Henry Golding. I see why as the son of successful business family you need to follow the whole patreon on the life, as yess every Chinese families actually preferred that their children are going to married with another Chinese family. Also a lot of family member are actually preferred their daughter(s) to married a decent white collar man as well.

I could say its a relatable story if you’re happen to be born in Asian family, the fact is I love being my parents’ daughter, although there are strict rules on the family, for example dressing as a lady, I could say my style is very different when I’m out with my mum, and when I live here in Melbourne when she’s not around. 🙂 But anyways I really surprised that they really pulled the simple story into a wow movie ! I love the fact that’s its slightly remove the stereotype of Asians being scientist, and being not so cool, and don’t know how to have fun ! Their soundtracks are composed from classic Teresa Teng, to Awkwafina. By the way I love Awkwafina’s, and Ken Jeong’s acting on the movie.

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Anyways I really enjoyed the movie, the fact that I’m not into romantic films. But this particularly making me more proud as an Asian to be represented on a big screen, or music in general. Because people often categorised themselves into a certain box, and that’s why some Asians actors are not making it big on the States. I don’t really have a bad thing to say for this movie.

I do love the clothes as well, and some of the scenes are actually happening in real life, so it just make it more relatable, although there are certain scenes that’s a little bit being dramatised. But overall if you haven’t seen it 🙂 please check it out.

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