+No Limit+

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Noisey Rap just came up with a documentary called The Oldest Rappers in the World, after seeing them, I personally really appreciate on what they are doing. If you following my blog, there are times where I shared my personal stories on being my ownself. And I think that’s what they’re noing, they are both pensioners, and they are just being themselves. I personally learned that you don’t have to be afraid of aging, because at the end of the day, everyone are experiencing the same thing, Aging !

They’re Pete, and Bas, both are coming from the UK, once they released a music video, everyone couldn’t believe if they’re on their 70s ! YUPP they’re on their 70s, and still living the best life. Their music video was uploaded on GRIMEREPORTTV, one of the greatest channel of Grime Community in the UK. They were saying that their grand children are also very proud about what they’re doing, I mean me too ! A lot of people are just being so sad when they’re aging, and they couldn’t find an activity that’s not fun anymore, but after seeing Pete, and Bas they’re pretty decent on their 70s. I mean I’m in my 20s, and I’m scared of trying something new, and jump then fall, but I shouldn’t anymore I guess. Maybe by being 50s, 60s, I could be more brave facing this life, as I already got some experience from my younger self. STAY TUNE FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY”RE DOING NEW MUSIC.

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