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EMINEM KAMIKAZE is different from his REVIVAL

Eminem just released his album called Kamikaze. Now if people think that Revival is more into the emotional side, and think that it’s not the Eminem that’s going hard, then everyone should think twice. The album more likely fall into the category where you expected that Eminem is going hard during the BET Cypher.

Eminem announced that he will do the Venom original soundtrack by 31 August 2018. Anyways from the streaming platform, I’m going to pick 3 of my favourite songs from the album. The album talks about the way of the hip hop trends currently, and the album consists collaborations with his duo partner at Bad Meets Evel, Royce da 5’9″.


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Rather than dissing the new rappers on these generations, I think Eminem aiming the current music industry that being to focus on the artist’s popularity, instead of from the artistry. A lot of artists are getting famous through their posts on social media, instead of making it on the musical point of view.

And a lot of the lyrics are just being to focus at one point, and it’s being repeated, for example, G Eazy’s topics are just mostly talking how a girl should fuck him up (No Limit, but I love G Eazy though). And the reappearance of rappers with Lil persona, and they were inspired by the greatest Lil Wayne.

A lot of people are actually approaching the current trend which is the mumble rap, well I’m not a fan of mumble rap because it’s hard to understand what they are saying. But if I’m those people I’m not going to make any beef with Eminem. I really love this album, and its a bit unpredictable for him to release this album for me.

The reason why is that it’s just almost a year since he released the album Revival. But again its all about opinion, and personally I love Kamikaze. I mean some artists just approach their artistry differently for each project, and fans should be more appreciated about the art.

The opening track of the album The Ringer is already full of energy, and excitement, its also the rapper talking about the hip hop music industry currently. For the line “Maybe ‘Stan’ just isn’t your cup of tea Maybe your cup full of syrup and lean” on how the opinion on hip hop music is currently different from the previous one.

The next song that I really love is Not Alike, where you can spot from Royce Da 5’9’s line I don’t do Jordans and Audemars I do explosions and Molotovs Y’all blowing smoke as if y’all ain’t washed I blow the smoke from the car exhaust it could be a reference to the current hip hop artists.

A lot of likely showing off their items online, however lately you can find a lot of this artists are actually sounding the same. So instead of having the best quality of artistry they’re just showing off, this could be seen on the reference of Jordans, and Audemars as one of the best shoes, and watch. And you can see the line from Eminem That’s how much we have in common We are not alike, there’s not like us on the mic (yeah!)

Last but not least is the song for Venom, titled Venom. I can’t wait for the movie, because I really love villain’s movie 🙂 🙂 :), I personally think the song is really embodied the Venom’s character, because you can see the line “Knock knock, let the devil in, malevolent As I’ve ever been, head is spinnin’ and this medicine”. And yeah I really like this track, I think its really perfect for Eminem, and if you like a fan of the song like Rap God. I feel like this track is my favourite track from the total album, but I’m not sure about you guys. 🙂

So Eminem released the music video for Fall, and to be honest there’s no point to dissing Eminem back, firstly because he already said it by himself that his album wasn’t doing well. It is not easy for someone to look back at your own self and admitted it so if someone like Machine Gun Kelly who I also really respect for him, it’s not really hitting him back.

Because although that song contained some powerful punch line, some of the words are just really a repetition on what Eminem said, even on the song like Greatest on this album Eminem said “Revival didn’t go viral”.. so its enough for him to say that. If I’m a rapper I’m not doing to diss Eminem for so many reasons.

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