+Tuesday’s Catch+


So guys to keep updating with the current music right now, after MIA for several day, I checked up HYPEBEAST music, for more informations. And yess I’ll giving you guys the latest updates that I got if you haven’t see it, or even listen to it ! 🙂 🙂 I feel so much better after doing all the exams, and currently waiting for the next one ! But if you do need life stories experience just click here, and I hope you’re not going to be disappointed.



Bryson Tiller released 2 remixes, first for Normal Girl by SZA, and second Leaning by Tory Lanez, and a song titled Canceled, which is a break up song, and I really love the song, it got some tight rap, with R&B background. The remixes also more into toward a cover, but in a very high quality, I personally like it, because Bryson has a lot of amazing songs to listen to, I’m very sure everybody is know who is Bryson Tiller is. But if you haven’t you can check about his music that I love here. I posted it only for Bryson Tiller’s music review, and I really like a lot of his artistry, its very chill, and cool at the same time. I could say that his voice is very unique, and more into the sexy vibes.



Next up I got A$AP Ferg ! yup one of the member from the MOB lead by A$AP Rocky. He got 2 released that I love, the partnership with adidas and a collaboration with MADEINTYO. The song Brag is for his collaboration with Adidas, and its apparently dedicated to Harlem, according to XXL Magazine, the track is produced by Frankie P. Adidas and A$AP Ferg teamed up for PureBoost Go sneaker. I think the sneakers now are available on the nearest Adidas store in your area. As for NED FLANDERS, both MADEINTYO, and A$AP Ferg able to deliver amazing verse. Its actually MADEINTYO project, and he choose A$AP Ferg to be his collaborator. 🙂


Blackbear also just released a new music video for The 1, and for this one I didn’t find it from Hypebeast Music. I think based on the colour scheme of the music video, you could tell is about a break up song, and I really like the way its done, its dark :). And as you could see from the title track is called The 1, and as you guys may know I’m a fan of blackbear, and I posted about him before here.




You heard it from Hypebeast post, that he is changing the Asian stereotypical on music. Apparently he will be joining 88rising’s tour, yup the project HEAD IN THE CLOUDS ! I really like the way the sounded, I personally thing its unique, got a little R&B there, and his rap got a unique flow ! considering I’m not a rapper. I think if he collaborated with Joji in the future, it will be amazing, and I’m up for it. It reminds me of Joji’s track Demons, but in a positive way.

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