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Anthony Joshua is the British boxer that I’m currently a fan of, I personally think he is super cool, and talented. And definitely his looks is really serving the whole game, I’m not gonna lie actually England got amazing athletes to show and they need to be more appreciated by the fans, this year is a fantastic year for them, as they coming 4th on the World Cup, considering the 2 previous World Cup results aren’t that good. Outside boxing Anthony Joshua is able to spit some bars ! Yup guys its a music blog so I try to relate the whole chapter on this blog related to music, you can see it more on quality from JD Sports event.

Not only that Anthony Joshua also appreciated by the grim artist in the UK, like Big Fra, and D Dark *all linked below for the music video 🙂 Big Fra is featured on the Link Up TV, while D Dark featured on GRM Daily, both channel are featured the best talents from Grime music in the UK. Trust me guys its a fun channel to see, and what I like about those channel is that they really appreciated their favourite athletes or any topic.

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  1. priya says:

    I’m pretty sure he’s also close friends with Stormzy which is pretty cool!! x


    1. I now right hahaha

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    2. even dele alli toon hahaha

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