As you guys may know I’m a fan of Verbal, the designer of AMBUSH, I definitely knew about Teriyaki Boyz, since I was a kid and suddenly I knew that Verbal was part of it, and designing a accessories line. I really miss Teriyaki Boyz, but Verbal is participated in group like PKCZ, and HONEST BOYZ. Verbal actually participated in a lot of music collective, one of his recent collaboration is with 88rising’s Keith Ape, for the track Japan 88, alongside with Famous Dex for the album Midsummer Madness. I could say its almost another version of It G Ma from Keith Ape. I really think the collaboration will help a lot of Japanese artists, or Japan based artists will get a publicity because they have amazing cool music.

After AMBUSH is gaining several attention this year after having their collection for Dior HOMME people might thought I’m going to be a hypebeast wannabe or something , but honestly I’ve been liking them since I was a kid. Rather than liking or being a hypebeast I genuinely in love with the design of their accessories, because I know I don’t look good with those hypebeast style. Yoon+Ambush+Dior+Homme+SS19+4

Verbal actually has his own album released in 2011, it was released near post the Japan’s Tsunami in 2011, the album called Visionair, you can check his interview with Hypebeast in 2011. After the Tsunami in 2011 there are a lot of music charities, including the collaboration with Kylie Minogue, the track called We Are One.

Visionair is Verbal’s first solo activity, right now its so hard to find one because most of the times he really involved with his other collectives, and I really hope that one day, Verbal will put another solo project(s) in the future. Verbal worked with a lot of people on Visionair including Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne to name a few. Most of the tracked on the album is very diverse for example I Can’t Help Myself is really an electro, EDM vibes. Compare to the song Some Other Place featuring Drake is very R&B, hip hop inspired song. I really love Some Other Place, its a song that I would listen to, its a great song although its not really a pumping up song. As for Change Change for the collaboration with Nicki Minaj, its some kind of song that Teriyaki Boyz will come out with, its very funky cool, unique there a lot of mixing genres on the song, which is great. Verbal also known for working with other South Korean artists as well, he’s part on the writing for 2NE1’s single, G-Dragon’s, and collaborated with Daesung, or D-Lite for his album Discover.

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