In the recent years, the understanding of luxury goods have been change a lot. Before hand although sneakers collecting is huge in some communities, but its not as coveted as now. Even the fashion that people looking forward too are different, before when we seeing the word luxury brands, all I imagine is this lady like dress, however now its different. You can see the younger generations are willing to spend thousands dollar for a pair of YEEZY. Not to mentioned brands like Vetements, Supreme, and BAPE are really highly coveted on the youngster. Well I’m surprised because even the classic brand like Burberry, are now trying to look for the street wear looks, and it works, you can see some of the collection on THE CARTERS APE SH*T.

Although brands like Versace, and Gucci are more moving forward to the street wear looks, but still they are the brands that I really think about the lady like or well suited suits. To be honest, when you see the Burberry checked, or the Louis Vuitton prints people are going to think that we’re tacky, but now its really in. Especially when the most photographed ladies like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Kim Kardashians were spotted to wear those items, people are going to buy it (well spotted marketing 🙂 ). I have some of the bags from my mum, that I used to say its a bit tacky, but considering now its really in, I’m quiet happy for that.

You can see a lot of street wear brands like Louis Vuitton collaborated with Supreme, a collaboration within luxury brands, and a street wear brand.

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To me there’s a concept that people are trying to be a rapper looks, and I personally think that not a lot of people are able to pulled it off, even myself. When I first love the brand AMBUSH design, I genuinely loving the designs because it looks different, now that the brand collaborated with Dior Homme, some people thought I’m opted for a street wear, even if I bought the blue KAWS.


taylor-swift-mtv-vmas-2013-1377503765-custom-0.jpgYou can see that on VMA 2013 KAWS even re design the Moon-man, and I think its awesome, as someone that liking those uniquely stuffs, I’m happy to collect those items. Also people used to view toys aren’t part of luxury items, and now apparently some people are looking like the KAWS BFF are part of the collectible items, and its different now how people are willing to spend on money.





But I also want to say that some people need to understand on why people are wearing baggy clothes, and people are need to understand if they’re looking good or not with certain clothes, because not a lot of people are looking good with street style. I don’t really like it when people calling me to love hypebeast stuff or not, because at the end of the day, I’m the one that collecting my stuffs.







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