+RED Velvet Summer Magic Review+


The girl group Red Velvet is coming back with Summer Magic EP, they released a music video for their main theme Power Up, I don’t really follow k pop girl groups but I really love their songs Peek A Boo, and Bad Boy. I really love the concepts of their Velvet instead of RED, but I think its total preference. Actually Power Up reminds me of their song Red Flavor, most of the song generated Power Up is really cheerful, and colourful, its really screaming SUMMERRR !!!! to me in South Korea, although currently I live in Melbourne and its winter right now 🙂 However I picked 3 more songs from the EP that I think I really liked it.

I firstly picked 3 songs, and its not even the main title tracked :’) as rumour has it they put out Bad Boy English version on the EP. Bad Blood was produced by one of the most famous hip hop producer, THE STEREOTYPES whom already work with Justin Bieber, and Ne-Yo. I really want to see more of their sides with this kind of sassy vibes, because if you’re a guy definitely people more likely to see the cute type, but some people are going to grow up eventually and they want to listen to more a mature sides (just saying), but otherwise I really love BAD BOY 🙂

Next up I have Blue Lemonade, and Mosquito, I think Blue Lemonade has this similar vibes to WINNER Island, and Love Me Love Me (read more about WINNER here) that was released last year, Blue Lemonade got this tropical house feels, and I could tell I’ll have it as a song for my house party by the beach. But I guess tropical house is still a thing in South Korea’s K Pop industry, and now that’s especially its summer people are looking forward to more a refreshing songs.

Last but not least I have to say I like Mosquito, simply because its cute and the sassy ness. Because a mosquito is the most annoying things, they made noises, and suck our blood :”) and sometimes its just like the boys (isn’t it ?). Some boys are just like to hang around and flirting against the girls, but sometimes they play with the emotion, and its really draining the emotions right ? as someone that’s not falling in love just yet I look a lot on a movie, or a book. Yeah the song is cute, I couldn’t say much from it.

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