+Tiffany’s Adventure+

So recently Tiffany’s released her music video for Over My Skin after departed from SM Entertainment. Having reading some articles it is said that working in a K-Pop agencies sometimes some of the artists are being restricted on pursuing their artistry, knowingly YG Entertainment is by far the agency that giving the artists to explore their artistry. Tiffany signed with Paradigm Talent Agency in the US.

To be honest being in a k-pop group that almost having the doll like, innocent image sometimes is really hard to grow up, because some of the stigma from the society. Why ? people think that we’re going to be forever young, but its not the case. I’m really surprised she made a big step, the song was written Tiffany Young, Kev Nish and Rachel West. It was produced by Far East Movement and Khwezi, its not the first time that Tiffany, and Far East Movement are working together, I wrote about the song over the post “FAR EAST MOVEMENT“. The song based on a pop song and mix with R&B drop base on the background.

I feel like you can see more of the grown up version of her, and her sassy-ness is really shown well, although probably you’ll get less publicity when you’re not in a big agency in South Korea such as SM Entertainment. I don’t want to say this but, Tiffany is most likely doing great because she’s not afraid to get judged over the music that she’s. The thing is that some people thought Asian artists are only singing in their own language, but they forgot that there are so many people are able to speak different languages, I really hope that CL also doing the same things. I really enjoy the songs, its very Tiffany, its sassy cool, a little bit of girl crush image, and her vocal are more being high lighted.

Cause I like it when you touch me (I don’t know where to begin) Do nasty things and you don’t judge me (say it again and again) On those lines you could see the reference she’s a grown up lady, I mean I don’t follow SNSD since day 1, because I was just primary 1 student back then, and I mean she’s in her late 20s, and I’m in my early 20s, its a very sassy song as well, and for the record I love sassyness because they’re good :). So I really hope all the best for all her next step later on 🙂 🙂 🙂

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