You guys knew that I love blackbear, I posted a post for my favourite songs from him, and Mansionz is a duo with Mike Posner, the guy that sing the song I Took A Pill in Ibiza, yup we all know the song right (?). The thing is I just know about their their collaborative group, before hand both are just participate on each other productions, but its more behind the scenes, the duo created the collaborative duo since 2016.

The genre that they have for the collaborative project is alternative hip hop, and I really like their songs, they’re amazing, it reminds me of twenty one pilots too, just a little bit because twenty one pilots is more towards pop-rock, alternative hip hop rock. But the visuals for the music videos are just amazing.

You know what right know at my moments I really love to say STFU #shutthefuckup, because either you’re in love or not the saying its just perfect for any situations. But I don’t think this song is really talking in that context. Its more to like a situation where girls are just being overly reacting as if boys are falling for her. The thing is its really a saying to someone to shut the fuck up, I understand that in this context its probably talking about sex, but since I’ve no experience about it I feel like I could use this song to diss someone that overly reacting to either boys or girls.

I ain’t hit you back and now you ovary-acting
Hate that shit with a passion, yeah
Have a little self respect, don’t want to put you on blast
But you should go ‘head and practice

You can see the music video for Rich White Girls music video is just so aesthetically pleasing, the video is full with blushy pink, and fluffy stuffs resemble the softness, and being rich is all about being fully pampered right ? I really think that this song is meant to be for the gold digger, just for the spoilt girls. To be honest some of the lines are just making me laugh, because there are girls that being the social climber, by just being the gold digger, and use the opportunity to get money.

All they do is bitch and they whine
So tell me what could I give you that your daddy can’t give you?

If you felt like the first two songs are intendedly to diss someone, this song is meant to falling in love with someone, well at least that’s what I got. I really love the beats that they choose, the song itself is something that I would listen, and these days I don’t really loving the fast beats of a song, because it driving me crazy sometimes. The song is more like a story telling song, so it probably will be easier to relate.

Did you know you’re on fire?
Did you know that you’re beautiful?
Did you know you got me fucked up?
Did you know that you’re gorgeous?

So guys I do hope you listen to their songs, I think the songs are mostly R-rated songs, for the record I’m 20 🙂 I think the most important things is that when you understand the whole actual context is very important. If you really love music that’s very experimental you should listen to this guys a lot, and I do hope you guys read my other post too 🙂 https://thegoodtheweird.com/

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