+Xavier Wulf East Memphis Maniac Review+



The rapper Xavier Wulf just recently released an album titled East Memphis Maniac, on the album you could find amazing artists such as MadeinTYO, KOHH, and Skepta, they are just amazing beyond your mind. On this album for the track Check It Out, you can find the original ones, and also the remix version of it, I just want to say that this album is a hardcore full hip hop, meaning to say you will heard the song entirely in rap bars. I would definitely recommend this album to Kendrick Lamar’s fan, and the trap music fans. I love the whole album, its just way to amazing, the artists for the collaborations are dope too 🙂 its hard to pick my favourite.

Most of the songs on this album are just way so sic, and I picked 5 songs out of it (supposedly to picked top 3). For the song Match Hunters you can find the music video, the music video is so cool, because its just full of swag 🙂 love it, and they done the music video so well. I could play this song at the party, and mostly this song will be played a lot in the club, its the song that will lift up the mood up. I’ve been loving MadeinTYO recently, and really appreciate it on how Xavier Wulf, and MadeinTYO choosing the collaborative point of view with artist from different cultural background.


You can spotted the talented Japanese rapper KOHH here, for KOHH fans since he hasn’t really released a new music in a while this track is for you guys. Combining both Japanese and English language is sic, and also proofing to the world that language barrier is not the key in the music industry. The track is so sic, and KOHH nailed it, Xavier Wulf is really know what he’s doing. To be honest I really love the bars by Xavier Wulf here, and actually this track is also the track that will hyped you up in a party or clubs, definitely it will be DJ’s favourite sooner or later. p2.jpg

Xavier Wulf is really coordinative for this album he also picked out lesser known artist but still fire. He also collaborated with Bankroll Rico, but to be honest he’s so talented this song is another track that’s hot, and I feel the whole entire album should get into a big award because of the diversity of the artists, and the various style by the artists are represent well on this album. I love the beat on Check It Out, its fun, but not the crazy beats, its still makes you in the position chill and enjoy the party.



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  1. Nisey says:

    Love this! I’m biased because I’m from East Memphis!


    1. O niceee I love kohh that’s why I love the album

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nisey says:

        You must guest blog sometime!


      2. Yes definitely for aure

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Nisey says:

        There’s an email on the “About Me” page, contact us. I’d love to guest blog for you too.


      4. Sure I’ll follow your blog as well 🙂


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