+Tinie Tempah+


If you ever feeling cool because you listen to rap songs back in 2010s, we’re on the same page. Back at home I’m able to see V Channel or Nat Geo Music, they used to play Written in the Stars quiet a lot from Tinie Tempah. To be honest that song is one of the songs that stuck in my head until now. He won BET Awards, for Best UK Act in 2011, Brit Awards for best single Pass Out in 2011, I feel like it was one of the highlights in his career.

I feel like Written in the Stars got so much meaning into it, the moment that we doubt ourselves its not going to finish the problem(s) that we faced. I do believe that back in 2010s people are not so into streaming music video, because its on TV, and in Indonesia they used to have MTV Indonesia, where they have some Indonesian music. My favourite song from Tinie Tempah is Invincible featuring Kelly Rowland.

Oh written in the stars
A million miles away
A message to the mane

There’s evidence that proves, that you were heaven sent
‘Cause when I needed rescuin’, you were there at my defense

Written in the Stars is really empowering at some points, what I got from the song is that you should never giving up at any circumtances, and there’s a long way to achieve what you want to achieve so you should bear it at any points in your life. I really like the piano parts of the songs, its really give the contrast of the rap by Tinie Tempah. As for Invincible I really love the song as well, it giving me the similar vibes for Written in the Stars, Kelly’s vocal is just amazing, so I couldn’t against that. The music video also giving me the feels of rawness, and honest feeling about the songs, he filmed during some of his stage shows, so it was amazing.

Musically Tinie Tempah showing more of diverse style, his most notable comeback was the collaboration with Zara Larsson in 2016, the songs are not really my style, its more colourful in a way, and more hyped up. His songs Lightwork in 2017 also showing more of his mature style. I personally think that he’s a little bit under rated right now, because there are so many people to choose from the hip hop industry, and a lot of new artists coming up, and its just so confusing to choose one of your favourite artists.

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