In this album Zion. T officially released his EP through the new agency THE BLACK LABEL of Teddy Park. Before hand Zion. T work with other YG affiliate Kush on the show, Show Me the Money season 5 alongside with Kush. The album is influenced with R&B and Soul music, its also featuring rappers such as Beenzino, and G Dragon (YG family label mate) who already collaborated with each other on G Dragon’s previous album. I choose 3 songs of my favourite, Sorry, Cinema, and Wishes.

What I liked about this song is that Zion. T’s vocal is adding the mystery to the song itself, it might sounds so relaxing but at the same time it gives you a little chill. To me its a little bit influenced by hip hop, jazz and R&B, the song is really cute in a way, about saying sorry. I guess its a song where you can singing to anyone that you want to say sorry. I believe the only music video for this EP is for The Song, but honestly they should make a music video for this one, either animation or not it will be amazing.

Next one is Cinema, its a romantic song where there’s a line that translated to It’s like a movie theater. I’m with her I think its a movie. For some reason I think cinema is the first place to date for a lot of time, and I think its also a perfect moment to share thoughts, and being close. But cinema is also like a picture of your life, a memory, so having her or your loved ones as the part of your memory is the most romantic thing that could ever happen.

Wishes is also my favourite song from this EP, I really like the line “Sometimes, I’m so immature and stupid Just like you, on the outside, I seem just fine” because I think sometimes when we are/were in a relationship our ego could the problem(s). I mean, I don’t have an experience just yet but I’m really scared with my ego, I’m so short tempered and too childish, especially when I face a huge problem in my life. But in reality we all face the same problem.

So I think overall the whole EP is worth to listen to, as his first YG artist experience its definitely such an amazing experience, considering they only released the best of the best music from its artists. Its a very mellow-y album to listen to, probably if you’re having a hard time, and need times to healing I will suggest you to listen to the EP, its more of music type that I would listen to.

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