Hiii guys, here it is the DAMN TOUR by Kendrick Lamar on the Oceania regions. I could say this is the best concert I’ve been by far, either for the performances, and the seats. I put a little snipets on the last posts, both for Kendrick Lamar, and SiR. I could say this because my seat wasn’t that far from the main stage, so I could really see Kendrick, I really love the way he performed. The opening act for the Oceania region is SiR, or Sir Darryl Farris he is so good, I also linked up his music video down below, he already collaborated with Usher, Tyrese Gibson as a song writer. I really like SiR and its the first time for me listening to his music live.

As for the concert itself based on the list that I found from genius.com, there are 3 songs that are my favourite, but its a little different for his Oceania tour. Instead of having Masked Off, we have Big Shot (the Black Panther soundtrack, I put the snipets below). But anyways everything else was so great, I really enjoy the music show.  There are a little bit of chaos because 2 people try to get into Kendrick, but everything is safe. Its my first time going to a concert by myself, well at first its a little bit sad, but I really enjoy it because its the first time that I really able to “let go” myself on a concert.


As part of the encore I was waiting for GOD. because it was played during the other tour, but instead of giving GOD. we have All the Stars, I’m not sad because its also part of my favourite songs. We have 1 encore which I think its really amazing, because Black Panther was so huge earlier this year and the lights from the fans is really lighted up the whole arena. I wish I could hear the GOD. or Feel from a live section because GOD. itself is a little personal song to me, because I really love this lines

I kill ’em with kindness
Or I kill ’em with diamonds
Or I put up like fifteen hundred
Get yo’ ass killed by the finest

In which there is a reference to the bible from Proverbs 25:21  ” If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat, and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.” But anyways loving the whole crowd reactions too, even though there are some fans that got scold by the securities because they try to move their seats, loving the encore too definitely is one of the best concerts I’ve been by far. I really love the movie for the tour by Kendrick Lamar too, I really found it funny.





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