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The most awaited music show in South Korea is going to begin very soon, they have the new line up for the producers line up for the Show Me the Money show. You can see familiar faces like Gray, and Swings who already previously being a producer on the previous 5 and 3 respectively. But you can see another former contestants like Bewhy, Nucksal, Giriboy to be the producers too, by far Bewhy had achieved as a winner from season 5 despite he was out from the 1 on 1 battle on season 4. I have no idea what will the people will think about the team, but I will suggest to all the contestants to think about what kind of stage they really want to have. I mean each producers have their own strength.

Bewhy and GRAY

For example Gray is more known as a producer, but at the same he’s really good at singing as well, and Bewhy is giving the balance of heavy, deep meaning for the lyrics, more like the Kendrick Lamar’s type of songs like DNA. Although Bewhy is also known for his religious thing, but his mainstream music is amazing as well, like the song he featured him titled Plastic here. And also they won a season before as a producer and contestant so they really know how the competition very well. As the biggest advantage of this team is that Gray’s CEO Jay Park, is signed to Rocnation so it will help the contestant to look up more for suggestions. Bewhy also raised to popularity like on music shows, reality show in which also showing more about his musical talents, in which also another advantage for this team, when suggesting a contestant.

Nucksal and Deepflow

Similar to the first team, Nucksal finished as runner up on previous season, for which it doesn’t bad, because MINO also finished up the second but he’s still rolling. What I like about Nucksal he knows how to have fun, and serious at the same time, I could say his facial expression is really funny, so it will be relatable to the contestants. To me what I learned from Nucksal is not really taking everything way to seriously, also for me Nucksal is more into the old school vibes of hip hop. Nucksal style is almost like reading a poem, I would suggest if you really love Nas,  maybe you can look after to this team, because their songs are not countryfied as well. To me old school is really fun to listen because its just really raw, almost really like a poem.

Swings and Giriboy

For me Swings is definitely one of the killer judges for this season, but his suggestions are one of the best that contestant need to look up for. To be honest with you I don’t really listening to Swings, but he got his own label called Just Music Entertainment. This team is also strong because their artists C Jamm, and Black Nut also previously contestants for the same show, so when they need suggestions for the current contestant they are able to look up for the pros, because C Jamm also the runner up from season 5.


It was released by the blog hiphopkr that due to heavy schedule GRAY and BEWHY dropped out at last minute. And they replaced by Code Kunst and Paloalto, last team is The Quiett and Changmo.


Paloalto returned as a producer, his best is finishing as runner up at season 4 as a producer with contestant Song Minho. Code Kunst is a very well known producer, previously he signed with YG sub label, and now transferred to AOMG. Both Code Kunst and Paloalto have beed collaborated before, so no doubt that they will have a good chemistry for the team. To me Code Kunst is a very interesting producer, he’s amazing producing with underground artist or big label ones like Lee Hi.


Illionaire records is known to be the most “hip-hop-est” record label in South Korea, in which they really adapted to the heavy version of rap, and full with flashing brand names, and more. I personally think this team will be the best for contestant who really love the faster rap parts, or they really know how to swag with their own accessories. They know how to make everything just cooler by rap only, without having a lot of dancers on the back. Their artist like Beenzino is also well known in South Korea, ILLIONAIRE records won the contest back in season 3 with Bobby as the contestant. So I’m really looking forward for this team.

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