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Eminem Revival 2017
Eminem Revival 2017

Eminem is going back with a new album in the second quarter of 2017. The album title is Revival, with an American flag on the background. I thought the album was going hard like the BET freestyle for Trump, but it’s not it’s more a personal thing rather than a dissing album.

The album is fully compact a story of Eminem on the public’s eyes, his honesty to his ex wife, where he once divorced and reconciled for several years, and the issue that America currently faced, but also the world. The album almost giving me the second chapter of Recovery.

Walk on Water –

Walk on Water is focusing more on the life of Eminem as a celebrity on the public eyes, there is a comparison with Jesus Christ, the story could be find on the bible ; Matthew 14:22-33. Jesus could be seen as the most perfect man alive, and sinless but at the same time, He was fully human form.

There is the line “Why, are expectations so high? Is it the bar I set?” It’s almost talking about the expectations of the public on Eminem. They always wanted to see more from him, as the new music, but at the same time they criticised Eminem for not being not the “old Eminem”. Some fans want the music type like ; Not Afraid, Lose Yourself, Rap God, but artists are also growing up at their own ways.


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“Kids look to me like as a God, this is retarded” as a top rapper, he is definitely the guy that kids really looking  up to, but in fact he is also a human, and made mistake, he also wanted to have the “normal life”, and being a celebrity meaning people put their eyes to every single of your move. Its a bit related to me, because I brought up in an Asian family, where being the oldest is the hardest thing ever, you need to be the best, and being the “good role model”. But in fact I change my major, and up until today they sometimes discussed it, indirectly it causing me to a stress mode, but I couldn’t really talk about it.

Nowhere Fast –

Nowhere Fast is talking about the internal problems happening in America but also around the world, the line “Another terrorist attacks Like a tariff, blows half of Madison Square up, alas” the recent years, you can look up at the news, where it happened for bombings, shooting, just happening around the world. “Our world’s on fire, but we don’t care, yeah” fire here represents the devastation, including the nuclear tests that happening in North Korea, and terror attacks but some people are just being ignorant.

This song Eminem also touch little political problems, and the world’s problem in general, where violence against others are still happening. On this song Eminem also discussing some topic that he chooses for his career that actually also contained most of his private life “But if at times my heart it seems Like it’s in the wrong place, it’s probably ’cause it’s on my sleeve” where he put a story that his mother was a drug user. This song is relatable to me because I really hate when someone put a hate mark on other culture, religion. And it’s happening everywhere right now, as a human being, we lost the sense of tolerance.

Bad Husband-

Bad Husband is an apology song to Eminem ex-wife Kim, where he wrote a song before called Kim he dissed her, and even wrote about to plan to kill her. You can see the reference; “Up back in the news, love taps when I dissed you” because it was publicly published on the news.

The song is relatable to me because of these lines  “Why did I punch back? Girls, your dad is a scumbag, I’m confused” In which my dads sometimes is very cowardice to admit what he did in the past, and people sometimes put my mum in the bad side of the story, even my mum’s own mother did that. It’s hard to put compassion to my dad for years, because what he did is hurtful, even until now I try to reconcile with him. But at the same time he is a fulfilling father, he put me into university, he gave me the best shelter, and everything. Technically my parents are still married, and they’re working it out ; the lines

How come you can be a lord and a loser?
How come, how come, you can be a liar and a good father?
A good dad, but a bad husband
Why are you a good father?
A great dad, but a bad husband

its shows that nobody is perfect, because we’re all human, and I think this song is one of the most relatable songs to me. To me my dad is still a superhero, although he hurts my mum emotionally, and he’s such a successful business man, and I admire him, I want to be the boss of myself and doing whatever I want to.

Arose –
As someone that never really close to my dad, although he loves me so bad this song makes me cry.  The reason why is that , not matter how bad is your dad, he will always loves you because you’re their kid, you can spotted the lines here ; And it’s your birthday, Jade, I’m missing your birthday Baby girl, I’m sorry, I fucking hate when you hurt, Hai. Back in 2007, Eminem was rushed to the hospital due to drug overdose, this making him missing the Christmas that year, that also Hailie Jade’s birthday.

It making realised that no matter how bad is your dad, he wanted to give us the best that he can, even walk down their girls to the isle, “I just thought about the aisle I’ll never get to walk us down Never see you graduate in your caps and gowns” it was his concerned that year, but he managed to see his daughter graduated, and see it from the school cafetaria in order to take the attention from his daughter. But in the song he also talked about Proof, the rapper that was part of D12 he was shot to death back in 2006, his death was allegedly affected Eminem so bad.

Will I recommend people to this album ? To be honest, maybe the album is not really the best of Eminem’s capability to put out an album. But lyrically, and story telling points this album is more focusing on the reconciliation with his family. As someone thats try to build the bridge with my own dad, the lyrics really touched me, and I feel the sadness of it, this album also contained several apologize stories, and I feel like the best thing in life is when you can confess your mistakes, and redeemed it. If the Recovery is talking about he walked out through the demons, than Revival is bringing the new Eminem who accomplished all the tick boxes from Recovery, and ready to take the new challenge from the world.

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