CRUSH is 2NE1 last full album, and released by YG Entertainment in 2014, they have a world tour for this album, and they are the first female group from South Korea to held a world tour. In this album CL also participated with the song writing alongside with Teddy, G Dragon also participated on this album for the song Good To You. This album is heavily involved the element of alternative hip hop, and R&B.

Come Back Home –

This song meaning is about the digital era, where people doesn’t really communicate with a lot of people, they just more stuck with their electronic devices. This song was depicting a tragic love story, when a lover is losing their the other half. The song is heavily involved reggae, that’s part of their debut album, and EDM. The music video is also consist futuristic elements, in which is really different from other K Pop groups music production. Its a song about missing someone else too, there is the line where it saying 모든 아픔은 뒤로 해 여전히 널 기다려 이렇게 which translated to, how could you left me in this cold world, for the fans this song is more relatable after their disbandment.


Happy is about a song to celebrate a single life, this song is about a being a single is person is not the saddest thing ever. But its a song to let go as well, the song is about a love song I believe, 너 없이 I’M NOT HAPPY BUT I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY, which translated without you I’m not happy, but I hope you’re happy. The music video of this song, was filmed in the most laid back style of 2NE1, personally everyone should listen to this song when you guys experience your first ever break up. Although the song meaning is pretty sad, they do it with confidence. and happy expression, I could tell that if the relationship is not as healthy, its better for people to go though their separate ways.

Good To You-

2NE1 is always be like the girls’ superhero, because they’re not afraid to show offs their badass moment on stage. I could say there’s no group like 2NE1, because although there are groups that mixing bubblegum, with hip hop, still no one can be like 2NE1. Good To You is a love song about a girl who fall in love with a bad boy, this song is heavily involved R&B style. Its almost talking about the non confessable love, because there is some part of betrayal on the love story on one side. The rap part of this song was almost at the end of the song, if I could say its almost like Stronger Than I Was by Eminem, its a slow R&B song, but they have a powerful rap on the last of the song (save best for the last).


2NE1 is almost the icon of girl crush in South Korea, that’s because the number of their fans are mostly girls. This song is about a powerful ladies, stands together, everyone love them because of who they are, “They love me cause I’m hot, They love me cause I’m cold, They love me cause I’m real, They love me cause I kill” That’s because 2NE1 always got criticised for their standard of beauty, but at the same time its also giving the other girls empowerment, because everyone is born differently, and they can be beautiful as long as they have confidence. The song style done by 2NE1 is definitely hard to copy, because they have different concept.

Would I recommend this songs to all ? I mean definitely, recently I’ve seen that most fandoms are trying to debate on which groups are better. To be honest with everyone I don’t really care about the views, its important to understand that before social media is not as useful like the present day. 2NE1 also the first girl group to achieve a world tour, which it such an accomplishment, their records are being broken after the 3 years hiatuses, in which they didn’t released any single songs within those years, and the records are just recently being broken. Hence they should check out the baddest female group ever. People should be thankful, with the 2nd generations of K Pop the now K Pop are easier to get to the international market. I mean for those who compare 2NE1, and BLACKPINK to be honest, that’s because they’re from the same agency. And their producer is the same (TEDDY) and being understand that K Pop groups are being trained. So it makes sense to see some similarities, the fact that BLACKPINK is also the only girl group now on the agency, it makes sense that a lot of attention on the groups, because YG Entertainment has 3 active boy groups, so their choice is more diverse. I mean music is also part of preference, there are song from BLACKPINK that I like too, from iKON as well, there are songs from WINNER, and BIGBANG that I’m not a big fan off too, so I don’t think its important to compare the views, its ridiculous.

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