+TV Show ; THE CALL+


I think South Korea’s music industry is going bigger, and bigger, even the underground artists, or the non-big label artists are actually getting the popularity, or recognitions from the world wide musician, for example A$AP Tyy. But I think the music industry there is really understanding the public’s, and the fans world wide by giving them the music tv shows. MNET arguably one of the biggest companies in South Korea, is very successful with the tv shows like Show Me the Money, and more. Recently they have this show called “THE CALL” where the artists can choose another artist to collaborate with.

I could tell that South Korea did not pass this chance on making their music industry growing bigger even more, they understand that the trend of the music industry is in Hip Hop, and R&B genres, hence they put bunch of artists in those genre spectrum on television channel. You can see a lot of familiar faces, like BewhY, Wheesung, GUMMY, and Ailee to name a few. But to be honest although I couldn’t find the translation of the show I could say they’re very enjoyable. I linked most of the performances that I love below.

I mean the show kind of giving the opportunities for a lot of artists to have their talents on producing music can be seen by the public. Even now I think a lot of no big label artists start to show their faces, before they don’t really appear on the public tv shows, but I think they’re more open with the television shows. The artists’s team will then given a theme of a song to work for a new song, definitely its a fun show to watch. I really love/enjoy what the South Korean music industry giving the public, its very fun, relatable, and very addictive.. anyways enjoy some of the clips

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