The couple just released a music video titled APES**T in 16 June 2018, well I do understand that I don’t think the viewers wasn’t a record breaking ones or whatever. But you should know that the music was good, and the long lasting of the music is more matters compare to a YouTube viewers only. Its quiet more excited for me, because they Beyoncé released a music video after giving birth to the twins.

But other than that actually I really interested for the couple who always collaborated in such a way, and making the creative directory more fascinating. I mean most couples are also having problems, like cheating, dishonesty, and it happen with the Carters too, but whenever I see them it makes me want to have someone like Jay Z..hehehehe

The aesthetic on this APE**T is really amazing, some of the scenes were filmed in Paris.I love the contemporary dancing on the music video too, in the music you can hear more for Beyoncé’s rapping, I think its super cool, I mean showing some women’s empowerment. I could trace about the equal payment too in some of the bar from Beyoncé. The music is a little different compare to the Drunk in Love, but I do love Drunk in Love its such a couple goals songs :).  For me from the background to the fashion of APE**T, they are all worked well especially the colour shemes. The video also doesn’t have that way to bright lighting in which sometimes it will make you bored at some points. As for the adlibs you can heard Migos on the its super well produced music. I can’t give enough of my thumbs for the couple 🙂 ❤ #couplegoals

They did gigs together, and I wish someday I could find someone thats really compactible with me too. My favourite performance got to be Forever Young, because the song is really meant to me, since I was young I got to listen to the original song, and the visual of the performance also depicted their life story, how they get fall in love together, having tattoo, have their child ; Blue. Although I have to say that Forever Young is a little bit cliché song, but the more cliché it is the better it is.

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