Hii guys so today is my last exam, but I haven’t join the defer ones, hence I’m going to study before hands. Since today Mike Shinoda also having a new album I’ll post about it soon as well, as soon as I can, but first lets start with BLACKPINK. Their recent comeback is almost a year after As If Its’ Your Last, the new music video is more the title track Ddu Du Ddu Du, I’m not really a fan of happy beats song due to recent stress, but I could say its like the second chapter of Boombayah. The beats is fun for dancing, its showcasing their next level as a girl group, its a fun song to listen as well, Jennie is finally back as a rapper too in this song, and also for few other songs 🙂 they have 4 titles, as for Lisa she’s slaying with the rap.

Overall I could say that the fans is really satisfied with this comeback, they have more songs, after a year of hiatus but I think BLACKPINK really gained the popularity through the international fans, because they have badder looks than most girl group nowadays, but they still look more approachable too. I also think that their music is more trappy feels, I think YG is really into trap music nowadays, because its very popular and its almost summer in Asia so its a perfect songs for summer, I could say there’s a similarity between WINNER, and iKon song for the title track Really (I linked the spotify link 🙂 ) but I mean they’re from the same agency, so there’s nothing much that I could say.  Overall I could see the sassy ness of this girl group (in which a good thing) like in the song See U Later. What’s interesting is that usually Teddy is only participated with the songs writing, but this time he also directed the music video, because usually they have Seo Hyun-seung as the frequent collaborator with YG artists. The song kind of give the empowerment for ladies, because sometimes haters just pay attention to our weakness, and forget the good things about us.

But for me my most memorable song of BLACKPINK is still Whistle, and Stay, because I love the chill beats, and actually I’m not a trap music fan, but I could say its okay to have trap music, because there are people who love trap music out there, to be fair from all WINNER’s new album I love Turn Off The Lights, because its not that trappy music, and also Have A Good Day. But I think BLACKPINK’s newest album also full with trappy music, so for me I got to pick See U Later as a fun song as well, because again its so sassy, and cute at the same time, most of the songs are also inspired by a love story, in which I’m not a fan of a love songs..but yeah Whistle and Stay probably my favourites 🙂

So yeah that’s my thought what do you think about it guys ?

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