Hocus Pocus

Hii guys the Planetarium Records just released a new single called Hocus Pocus 🙂 I could say that they have such an amazing artists. If you don’t mind to check them out on YouTube channel that will be amazing 🙂 moreover the quality of the music is always over the quantity right ?

I may not understand what’s the song is all about, but I love the song and the voices are just way to amazing. And by the way Hocus Pocus is actually the title of American horror movie back in 1973. Anyways if you love K-Pop and familiar with artists like Crush, Dean, Zion. T, offandoff, you’ll surely love these guys 🙂 ❤ and actually if you ask me about Korean music, I know more about the underground artists, or the independent record artists, because I found them more interesting in terms of music, and their quality of their music videos are just way amazing. By the way from what I got from their YouTube #JungJinwoo #Villain #June #Gaho #Moti are the artists that sang this Hocus Pocus single, Kei G is not included on this single, but I still love Kei G 🙂 I love Kei G songs as well, its very sentimental to hear most of their songs. There is another song called Blind, the song is so divine 🙂 I love the way they have this songs that are just connected to the listeners, when they hear the beats.

Just to let you know that someone actually put Blind lyrics on YouTube on the channel Purposeless Doll  but actually the owner of the site said that the English translation make no sense. However since I’m not in charge of Korean languages I could say I’m okay with it, since I really love the song, and their video is just like a movie. I love the way they always got this cinematic type of music videos when they released a single. Definitely you guys need to check this guys out, maybe in the future they can collaborate with DEAN, I mean who knows 🙂 ❤

There is one artist that also catch my ears his name is Gaho, and you know what..there is this one song called Stay Here, and definitely most of you guys will also falling in love with him directly 🙂 from the song itself you can tell that’s its about heartbreak, very Sam Smith vibes if you love him, I’ll definitely recommend Gaho to you guys 🙂


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