Love it or Hate it..Love Tay Tay

I wanna be your end game 

Big reputation..big reputation I got some big enemies 

I guess it would be a lie for everyone that said..I don’t like Taylor Swift, but I’m pretty sure you guys are jamming to You Belong With Me, and Love Story when we were in 6th grades right ? you can’t deny that every songs of her basically can be your emotions diary..from falling in love, happy, mad, sad, hate you got through it by listening to Taylor Swift #trustme 🙂 ❤

“I’m sorry the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now…” 

“Why ?..”

“Oh cause she’s dead”

Just to let you know I went to 1989 concert in Melbourne, just for info I live in Melbourne currently, so most of the things that I attended are in Melbourne…I don’t hate to be honest since I love her..actually I know that she’s not Rihanna that got that sassy, bad girl, girl crush vibes..but she’s slaying you know 🙂 I love both current, and old Taylor I mean all of her songs are just way to relatable.. 🙂

Beefing with someone best for Bad Blood 


I can’t take it back, look where I’m at
We was OG like D.O.C., remember that?
My TLC was quite OD, ID my facts
Now POV of you and me, similar Iraq

Since you’re doing bad Look What You Made Me Do

I don’t like your little games
Don’t like your tilted stage
The role you made me play

I don’t like your perfect crime
How you laugh when you lie
You said the gun was mine
Isn’t cool, no, I don’t like you (oh!)

When your reputation got high you will always have your enemies #ENDGAME

And you heard about me, ooh
I got some big enemies

Most of her songs are talking about someone that try to knocked her down am I right ? but she got up, I mean those songs are not for me..but for anyone that got backstabbed by someone, and lesson learned guys even your own brother (not mine), to preacher can be crazy over money and power. What I want to say the drama like Taylor vs Kanye and Kim are real in real life y’all to be honest for the Taylor drama I’m not picking up on anyone moving on for forgiveness…

we messed up once #innocent

It’s alright, just wait and see
Your string of lights is still bright to me
Oh, who you are is not where you’ve been
You’re still an innocent
You’re still an innocent


We once hurt someone that we close or love the most right #BacktoDecember 


The thing is rather than rambling, or getting angry infront of someone that hurt me or hurt someone that I actually cared about..listen to the music that got to the vibes 🙂 it will help you guys rant your anger in a good way too, since you don’t have to be waste your real energy #touché

I can’t come to her concert this year since mainly is going to be the exam week, and after that I’m going to have holiday break..and definitely going back to Indonesia and have some family trip. 🙂 love you guys and thank you for reading the blog ❤ ❤

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