I’m Coming Kendrick See You in July

What’s up guys 🙂 Kendrick Lamar DAMN tour is coming to Down Under, and guess what I managed to got one ticket. 🙂


Actually I’m not coming back home this June/July break because I got different holiday schedule with my brother…I’m so sad to be honest since I can’t go home but suddenly I saw the ad for the DAMN tour and I was like Dayumnnn I managed to get their first show which will be Friday 🙂


I feel like the song is telling everyone and himself to be humble, he even stated that the reason he put some of his spirituality moments for his album simply because he wanted to be a better person, but not only that Kendrick word play is very hard to compete, and his flow is so sic for this generation I could say. His music is really make you stop and think about it, what I got a lot from his music is that you don’t have to look “innocent or being good” to make people think that actually you’re good..I think its way going to be so personal but yeah I love him..because he is such a role model for being stay humble the way he dressed although he got such a milestone success.


Tell me who you loyal to
Do it start with your woman or your man? (Mmm)
Do it end with your family and friends? (Mmm)


Anybody you would slide for?
Anybody you would die for?
That’s what God for
Loyalty for me basically a loyalty..I mean this song just amazed me. I mean I got dissed a lot since I don’t know when, the way I love my music, and the way I have my earring on I’ve been judge, but actually those people who dissed me…are actually are the same 🙂 I really just want to diss them, I mean they don’t really have the idea of having the “loyalty” itself from the community.
  1. the quality of being loyal.
    “his extreme loyalty to the Crown”
    • a strong feeling of support or allegiance.
      plural noun: loyalties
      “rows with in-laws are distressing because they cause divided loyalties”

    Kendrick is also known for supporting his community, Compton..just because he became a celebrity it doesn’t mean he is being cocky now 🙂 ❤  For me I appreciate Kendrick Lamar is because he try to change to make his community to be positive, while some people just practically judge you, and preached you over and over but they backstabbed someone that they know for more than a decade..like excuse me !! 🙂 hahaha I never scarred of having a charity event to community like Compton got and its one of my dream to help those kids. And actually Kendrick Supports the idea of donate money for school, and after school clubs so that the kids will stay at school rather than participate with street society ❤ ❤ love Kendrick ❤

    So basically the reason why I love concert so much is actually I don’t like going out to bars or clubs..but I love music so much, and for me I got the best parents because they never restricted me to go out for concert. And actually concert is the way to see the magic happens 🙂 like I love live music. I am so happy that I was able to see few of my favourite artists so far 🙂 ❤

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