CRUSH it with Zion. T.


I thought all of the music in Korea will be the same like K-pop, I don’t hate them but I love YG Entertainment so bad, and I love some of Korea’s best independent labels or musicians. Nonetheless I love every genre now..because actually R&B, Hip Hop, Pop are the same thing, the main different is that some people do it with their own language. 🙂

I really love Zion. T and Crush, because they got their own unique style, a lot of people are actually trying to be like G Dragon honestly, and everyone compare their band to BigBang. I understand that there are groups that are going to be very popular than Bigbang while they’re going to military service, BUT lets us not forget you learn from your predecessor  guys. And talking about success its not always how many view on YouTube, it does get matter at some point but what most important is when you set a certain goal and you achieved it than its success. Actually music is all about preference and when you get to connect with your niche than its success.

Since I personally don’t really love bubble gum pop, and also music that way to “hard” or when you can’t listen to it at you down time..that’s how I able to distinguish a good music or bad.

First up is with Zion. T, this song talked about Zion. T’s personal story as well with his father. The song is talking about his father who once a taxi driver in Korea, and his mother is a pastor he revealed it on one of his song. The reason why this song is very sweet I’m not someone that’s close to my dad, and he worked so hard though 🙂 but I just want to let everyone I know I love my dad.

For the record Zion. T and Crush used to be under the same label, Amoeba Culture in which Dynamic Duo established the company if I’m not mistaken. I love slow songs but still with an upbeat tempo, so you got just the right amount of fun, and vulnerable at the same time. Their finishing with their music videos are also the best because its monochromatic, so you can tell how painful it is to have a break up at the 20s when you’re so much in love with someone.

Zion. T released snow back in December 2017, its the perfect winter song, the beat and the cinematic MV creates the depiction of someone experienced a painful break up. “You just have to stay with me/ I promised/ Will it snow?”

Zion. T got this capability of moving the audience on communicating with his lyrics, because most of the words are the words that people able to use for daily life, and the scenes or story lines are also embodied the life of the society 🙂 so 4 thumbs up for Zion. T

CRUSH is definitely already make a scene even before the Goblin soundtrack titled Beautiful that charted all over Korea. I think the power of the drama really helps the charts of the whole soundtracks of the drama. But actually Beautiful is a beautiful song, everyone in Korea I think love it, I love the song because CRUSH did his job as usual 🙂 🙂 its a love song I could feel the spring vibes for the song, and its for a wedding song I could say.

If you guys need some break up songs please contact me..hahahaha Fall is another sad song. The lyrics include “how are you without me…don’t wanna fall in love” so I could say that first love is hard to forget am I right ? I’m questioning my first love actually do I have one ? hahahaha since my whole school life I always with the boys, and they are my classmates since I was 3, and the girls we’re a bit anti-boys back then, and we love celebrity, and cartoons lol.

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