M-Flo is a Japanese hip-hop, EDM, collective group. The group consists of Taku Takahashi, Verbal, and Lisa, the group was formed back in 1997. In the early 2000s Japanese’s music is known for their J-Rock, and their unique colour of music, but now is a bit different, 2010s people are more interested with the idol groups :), I mean music is always evolve, but I love M-Flo they just have something unique, basically all music groups have something that they don’t really have in common.

Verbal was attended Boston College and the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, while Taku went to LA, hence he meet with Masaji the director of  Artimage and DJ of the group GTS, and making collaboration with Verbal.

Taku Takahashi and Verbal cr : https://disc-j.net/club-music/2148/

M-Flo has collaborated with many artists through out the years, including 2NE1, Melody Ishihara (yup she is the wife of the Japanese Samurai Guitarist Miyavi), Taeyang, Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA and more. Their unique sounds of music brings that excitement with the other musician, I could say that M-Flo style is very collectively unique, futuristic, and adventurous, I love Verbal’s fashion line called AMBUSH and people said that I’m weird but I don’t care. 🙂

“We’re born not to be fit in but we’re meant to be unique “



Source: http://melodychristine.blogspot.com/

I feel like these days people are more open towards the genre collective instead of staying in one specific genre. For instance I hope it can open the world to know more about culture in Asia, and taking us seriously, that we can do fun stuff, unique, swag style, I have to admit that we’re good at making bizarre things to be a trend. FYI if you guys stated that Japanese music is not famous…technically DJ Taku work with Calvin Harris in 2009… there is this irrelevant thing about being famous..some fandoms described to be famous you need to have 100 million views, however there are things that we called charisma and talents that actually is gold compare to YouTube views. 

Not to mention Japanese music also put a great impact to other Asian industry as well, because they mix a lot of musical style with their music at first, and some part of Asia actually adapted it, and making new wave of music within Asia, therefore I really recommended you to check out M-Flo and all the artists that I linked above 🙂

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