I knew ON OK ROCK through music channel called Channel V, since apparently my TV back at Indo, they don’t have MTV anymore :(, I grew up loving the J-Pop, and J-Rock songs. I love Aqua Timez, SID, also ON OK ROCK because I love their artistry that IDGAF attitude.. there are so many acts from Japan that I really admire because of their artistry and their work ethics..

ONE OK ROCK is a Japanese rock band from Tokyo, they composed of

FYI my grandad teaches at Keio University (he’s my grandad’s cousin he lives and married with a Japanese woman Oma Keiko, and Opa George) so that’s the reason too why I love Japan so much, my parents love going to Japan as well..its the only place that we can enjoy our holiday the most.

For me ONE OK ROCK got this vibes like Linkin Park, they have this alternative rock songs that I love, there is this song called Keep It Real the song released back in 2006, the song contained the rap lyrics that I think very cool, the song is very old so its hard to find the MV 😦 but anyway the rap parts compliments Taka vocals..I think its the former member of the band Alexander Reimon Onizawa “Alex” that rapping the part, he left the group in 2009…

But Taka is also multitalented guy too 🙂 he also rap although his rapping part is not on the Keep it Real, he got is rapping part in Ending Story..like Ending Story for me is more a hardcore rap compare to Keep it Real..but love both songs :)..Actually when you guys see both music you can listen the similar vibes of Linkin Park there, where you mix the rap part and the rock vocals, but it blends well, because I’m more into alternative vibes kind of music..something that’s not way to hardcore, thats why I love Drake 🙂

I can see where ONE OK ROCK going big since then..I can see the work ethics from the way they try to break the language barriers like speaking English for their international fans, you can see that his English improved a lot..there is this song called Chaosmyth..its very pretty, although I could say the meaning is sad 🙂 but I love sad beautiful..to be honest ONE OK ROCK impressed their fans through their amazing work and if they got signed by big label like Fueled by Ramen their work paid off…

Be the Light guysss….. ❤

Another song that I love is actually Take What You Want because the meaning as well, thank you Taka for loving Linkin Park too..even-though Chester is not here with us anymore but I'm sure he's always with us ❤

Can you hear me? I'm trying to hear you
Silence strikes like a hurricane
Now I'm singing for you, you're screaming at me
It's hard to see your tears in the pouring rain

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