Getting Enrique Iglesias

Growing up I also listening to Julio Iglesias 🙂 my parents love Julio, however definitely there is this gap between the kids and parents music taste 🙂 so we the kids love Enrique but I never knew that Enrique Iglesias is his son, until I realized they got the same surname :), before I was in love with the song Tonight featuring Ludacris 🙂 well its super party like anthem, you really want to dance once you listen to it 🙂 So basically I love to listen to every song that I think its fun. The vibes from the music that I got actually made me wants to go to Ibiza to party (lol) I would recommend the songs for the age 15 and above I could say 🙂 but if you love party go for it mann like I mean it 🙂

But Tonight is actually introduced me to more about Ludacris after the Baby music video 🙂 the song also makes me feel like I’m the coolest kid on the block 🙂 especially I think having the DJ, Rapper thing was sooo cool back than but apparently I now knew that a lot of people love similar stuffs too.



But since Engrique sings both Latin, Spanish, English songs its super fun, so the other song was actually I listened when I went to Italy, I ate in a café and they have this DUELE EL CORAZON, and my brother knew the song (my brother, he is younger than me 1 year) but my brother is a super funny guy, so the sang it so funny way 🙂 the other song is Bailando, for this one they got English version.

Duele El Corazon




So for Baliando and Duele El Corazon does help me to expose more about the Cuban music, that got to the Reggaeton sides. I think personally the Reggaeton is very popular right now even if you don’t live in Carribean area, there are K-Pop that I think influence that 🙂 but yeahh its awesome

For sure I love the music in all kind, definitely I couldn’t or people couldn’t expect me/myself to love every single released that’s why I prefer to buy the digital ones instead of physical disc today 🙂 because you can choose whatever you want to listen to 🙂 thank you digital era 🙂 but above all Enrique Iglesias does know how to rock the audience two nooo four thumbbsss up for Enrique 🙂

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