Jay Chou

I went to International School through out my high school, most of my teachers weren’t from Indonesia, only two of them Ms. Nina, and Ms. Eva for the main subject :). Other than that Chinese is my second language in school thus we were thought a lot on writing and telling stories in Chinese, my Chinese teachers weren’t from Indonesia, so I have no choice other than speak in Chinese :). My teacher love Jay Chou so much so when we have spare time we will watch the movie one of them is Secret.

Secret’s Trailer


One of my favourite part was actually learning Chinese through movie, first we can sleep during the class, second its much easier because is more fun 🙂 so I can remember the story :), other than writing and telling we were actually celebrate the “Chinese Weekend” where we were singing in Chinese as well, one of them was Jay’s music 🙂

So basically I listen everything 🙂 one of my French friend recommend me to listen to French song I’ll take a look ASAP 🙂 so one of the song that I loved from Jay was actually è½åª½åª½çš„話 Listen to Mom, because it makes me miss my mum sooo bad when I didn’t comeback to Indonesia. The song is so close to your heart probably telling you when you didn’t listen to your parents :), its very me, I’m a bit stubborn when people telling me stuffs, and also its the most memorable song because the cover of this song by my fellow junior was so hilarious, because they couldn’t follow the rap part 🙂


Not only that pretty much for entertainers from Asia region, you must able to sing, dance, act, or pretty much everything, so Jay also making to Hollywood, such as Green Hornet, and the recent ones Now You See Me 2. He even make a soundtrack for the movie, FYI if you ask me why I love a lot of songs that are not English ?..my friends didn’t listen to English music lets start there bicccch..:) but you know what he rock it right with the Chinese rap ?



My friend (my bestfriend) recommended me to listen to ä¸è©² Shouldn’t Be which is amazing the song was released back in 2016, so it relatively new, and I loved it 🙂 for the record I love the fact that Jay try different kind of music too if you followed him on YouTube channel. I still took Chinese class if I’m coming back to Indonesia, because I love literature and its fun, to learn the “writer’s effect” on  a song its super amazing. In fact my ancestors were Chinese so its also learning my own culture deeper.



But since this blog is about music I’ll write about his music only 🙂 not others 🙂 Jay’s music can be very slow and deep as well, when I listen to music I tend to listen to the beat first rather than the whole meaning due to language barrier 🙂 but once I got the feeling it much easier to relate when you got the translations, since sometimes translations are from Google Translate, and it so difficult to understand 🙂



Anyway Hope you guys like it 🙂

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  1. Hi, I’m actually from Taiwan.
    I love JJ Lin, you should check out his songs as well!
    不為誰而作的歌 Twilight
    可惜沒如果 If Only
    偉大的渺小 Little Big Us (English version: Until The Day. Same melody but different lyrics)
    黑夜問白天 53‭ ‬Dawns (My favorite. Depressing and reminiscent, yet very beautiful and full of wisdom)
    修煉愛情 Practice Love
    她說 She Says
    穿越 Stay


    1. Hahaha okies I’ll check it out ya soon 🙂 once I have my study break 🙂 ❤ thank you so much

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    2. Hii already write the playlist for JJ LIN

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