It’s Not a Crime, It’s a Freedom of Speach

“This is why I say that hip hop has done more damage To young African Americans than racism in recent years”-That’s what Geraldo Rivera stated that back in 2015 on a news program here.

But actually for me personally its not a crime, there are some stories that being told behind the music itself…Some people probably will be like, well.. actually you don’t really understand the culture of hip hop right ?..Frankly speaking its true because I grew up not in an African American culture, and hip hop in my country is a little bit different..Lyrically its more “behave” rather than in other countries..but also I really love studying about culture, and more… I love all cultures no matter what skin colour, or religion you are 🙂

I was reading an article that the genre itself was hardly accepted back then (1970s) and hip hop was birthed because the ghetto neighbourhood hardly to find it made me to be more greatful with my upbringing as well, other than that it teach me on how viewing things from different perspective…its like when you view your “lacking” as positive than it will turn out to be positive, and vice it teach me acceptance..

Its figure of speech where you have freedom, and you can use it either its for a good thing or bad thing..I do understand that some songs are very flexing on what they have, and girls chasing them…and not all of the songs contained misogynistic terms. There are artist like Kendrick Lamar that use his voice about his neighbourhood, and he is helping around the children thats needed. There is another rapper called NF his song Let You Down is worth checking it out


I often listen that this kind of songs always related to bad things like gangsters related, or drugs related, but not everyone are like that..presumably because its hard to find rapper with awesome pucnh line lyrics, or meaningful from my country except for Rich Brian I could say :). But I am sure there are more talented artist to come in the upcoming years..some of the EDM producers from Indonesia are so sic.. Sihk66 is one of them, he known to work with Barong Family, or part of the Yellow Claw. Even if you look at Dat Stick song there are hidden meaning of it, its more than just a fun song.

Last year I went to watched All Eyez On Me, a biographical drama of Tupac Shakur, I was born a year after Tupac died, and honestly I am not to familiar with the old school ones now except now I knew that Snopp Dogg was in the same agency with Tupac, and also Dr. Dre. Maybe the movie disappoint some of the die hard fans of Tupac..but at least I knew and learn that his background was very though and a support from a family member definitely important, there are also unfairness among people regarding skin colour, and cultural background. His song Dear Mama was one of my favourite from him other than All Eyes On Me..(yeah I love that song)

There are songs that can be a tribute to our loved ones song like See You Again by Wiz Khalifa, Missing You by P.Diddy, Fear by Song you can see the humane part of everyone even though they look though outside, or song like Not Afraid telling you how we conquer our “demons”

Actually there are more humane side of Eminem, there is this song called Stronger Than I Was.. the lyric

“You used to say that I never be, nothing without you, and I believe”- Eminem Stronger Than I Was

There are moment in life where a lot of people said that I’m not going to mauled a single thing, or I am a spoiled brat or whatever..I have alibi over my listen to those words it hurts sometimes and making me questioned myself..but at the same time those songs actually build up my faith for God, and giving me strength to face the real world, that the world is not perfect 🙂 and I have to deal with it.

There are a lot cultural biased but by looking at this genre I can see that people with different skin colour, cultural background, language are able to work together, proofing that we are all are brothers and sisters 🙂

Enjoy you day ❤

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