Ascendancy of K-Pop on the Music Industry

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Ever since the Gangnam Style from the world star Psy break the Youtube records, it opens the door towards the whole South Korean Industry. Psy almost holding the title for the most watched Youtube music videos before it lost to the music video by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth See You Again for the Fast Furious Soundtrack to commemorate the late actor Paul Walker.



courtesy from YouTube channel of Psy

Psy’s agency YG Entertainment is known for having the best of the best artists 2NE1, BIGBANG, WINNER, IKON, BLACKPINK, LEE HI, AKDONG MUSICIAN, among all the k-pop industry. They known to produced, and write their own musics, while other agency tend to work more with US based market producer, although YG also known to work with Bekuh Boom, and recently with The Fliptones for the recent released of BIGBANG Flower Road. Now G-Dragon recent album ACT III : MOTTE was literally huge, and definitely G-Dragon is known for his flamboyant fashion style, not to mention bestfriend with the legend himself Karl Lagerfeld. Not only G-Dragon, 2NE1 also known for having a unique make up and hair, as we can see through their music videos, I AM THE BEST is one of them.



Courtesy of YG Entertainment official website YG LIFE



image courtesy : KPop Viral


Most of the YG- Artist is known for their impeccable artistry, and it does not leave them to far to get easily plagiarized. In 2018 itself there were Vietnamese producers Phuc Bo and Ha Le accused by the netizens that they copied Song Minho’s Body that were released in 2016.

the link of the video on Youtube channel

And the recent case of K-Pop influence happened in Indonesia. The Indonesian rapper Reza Oktovian known as the Rapyourbae accused to plagiarized G-Dragon’s Bullshit. By the population there are a major K-Wave happening in Indonesia, its because either the dramas or the music, Indonesia is rank on 10 ten based on K-Pop Popularity Country Ranking. As a result it cause a little controversy on the K-Pop community in Indonesia. Now the producer of King is Kenrak (on instagram @kenraka_ ) stated that he did not meant to plagiarized G-Dragon music, he stated that he making the base for the music through sampling old Diplo’s beat and other beats, another Indonesian producer Ricky known as sihk66 ( on instagram @sihk66) that known to work with the upcoming star from Indonesia NIKI ( yes she signed with 88rising ) stated that it does have sounds similar, but its different, because both songs already talking different point of view, and different vibes.

Courtesy : Wikimedia


Rapyourbae King Youtube

G-Dragon Bullshit



However there are many songs that sounds so similar, even in house producer Teddy Park was accused to plagiarized Cheryl Cole’s Fight for this Love, the song that he produced was for the recent comeback of the K-Pop diva SUNMI’s Heroine. This controversy lead to the statement :


On January 19, The Black Label stated, “‘Heroine’ is 100% an original work with absolutely no reference to the track in the controversy.”



But well once again music is only about the preference, as Nick Hornby once said ;


“And mostly all I have to say about these songs is that I love them, and want to sing along to them, and force other people to listen to them, and get cross when these other people don’t like them as much as I do. ”
― Nick Hornby



Well the influence of K-Pop definitely attracts the music industry towards them we cannot forget the BTS performance on the AMA, CL on James Corden show too. And even Lady Gaga once wanted to work with Teddy, but he committed with 2NE1 at that time. However there are almost no-original work of something, there will always be an inspiration behind something. If people want to talk about unique music Linkin Park did mixing rock music, and anykind of music with rap before the K-Pop industry blow up. So I guess Reza Oktovian case should not be this blow up in certain level.




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