from the deep heart of Witt Lowry

  This rapper was introduced by my fellow blogger Alien Ideology..he uploaded most of his music into his YouTube channel, I could say that he’s no joke. Witt Lowry got a degree of Graphic Design, and got a job on the Graphic Design team but he choose to pursue other interests after sitting behind the […]

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Idyllic Ideas of Sam Smith

Talking about my deepest and darkest secrets to the world makes me feel better. It’s cathartic. Sam Smith Back in 2014 the single Stay With Me hit the world by storm..and I was mesmerised on how deep is the me music is not about where you came from, or how you look its truly […]

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I know that probably some people will think that I’m way to mainstream on listening my music..but I really would like to thanks to Alien Ideology whom replying and suggesting such an amazing music to me..Because if no one recommended me I’ll write something over and over..and I’m sure you don’t want that right ? […]

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So personally I think movie soundtrack is one of the way to promote new music and the movie itself. Usually it will help the sales too 🙂 Here’s my favourite movie that got the damn dope soundtrack in my mind 🙂 its movies not dramas I did post the drama earlier. I will give the […]



Recently Sky-Hi just released a brand new single for Gundam’s newest movie called Diver’s High. I knew about Sky-Hi through his group AAA (Triple A) I really like his rap actually..I got it from the instagram page of jpopmania 🙂 Anyway I could say that AAA is a very cool vibes group to be honest, […]

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Kim Dong Ryul Everyone

So many of you probably nowadays definitely familiar with K-Pop right ? even me I love their mixing with tropical, dance, disco, with their hip-hop vibes, but actually I love Jazz and R&B vibes too, but for the differences you can check it out here I could say that these days I love more on […]

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